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In Pickleball We C.A.R.E.

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Pickleball FUN Community is dedicated to serving the Pickleball Community around our current 5 locations of Ashburton, Balwyn North, Carlton North, Doncaster, and Kew (more to come). Our VISION is to empower and connect people to live happier and healthier lives through pickleball.

We are committed to bringing instructional, competitive, and social pickleball to the community in first-class facilities operated by passionate people dedicated to ensuring an awesome Pickleball FUN experience.

That FUN experience fulfills our 4 core mission beliefs, which we call C.A.R.E. (Community, Appeal, Results, Exercise).

We are dedicated to growing and serving the local Pickleball Community by providing a social sport that can be played by every member of the family, closing the generation gap.

Regardless of age, gender, body size, and skill level, most players can go out and have awesome fun in minutes.

Allows you to build self-confidence, get into shape, boost your metabolism, improve cognitive functions and hand-eye coordination.

A moderate low-impact exercise from pickleball can burn calories while reducing the stress on your joints, muscles and helping you maintain a healthy weight.


Established in early 2023

Our founder Jay McLean has over 25 years of tennis experience (within that 10 years of competitive tennis as well as 8 years of tennis coaching). Due to injuries and the high demand on the body, he had to look for alternatives that would still provide him the ability to use all his tennis skills while being able to apply his competitive spirit to a more low-impact sport. Pickleball was referred to him by a long-time tennis friend and the rest is history.

TODAY! Pickleball FUN Community has assembled a dedicated group of outstanding certified coaches and facilitators to create the absolute finest pickleball experience.

Though people of a variety of ages are spectators of many sports, we quickly realised that this sport had such mass appeal to players crossing over ALL age groups.

We understand that everyone’s pickleball journey is unique but we know pickleball is really easy to learn and very beginner friendly. Regardless of age, gender, body size, shape, and skill level, most players can go out and have a fun time within minutes.

Perhaps the best experience of all is that pickleball is just plain… FUN! 

So, no matter what your skill level, your age, or your fitness goals may be, if you’re looking for a stress-free enjoyable way to get active, have a chat with us, and let’s have fun starting your pickleball journey today!



3 Pickleball WHYs

Being the founder of Pickleball FUN Community, the main discussions about why pickleball motivates me daily, are in 3 main areas:

I’ve always loved competitive play and the camaraderie that is part of it. I want to beat my playing friends, while at the same time enjoying and having awesome fun being with them. In tournament/league play, I want to climb up the rankings, win as many matches, and move up the league ladder as far as I can.

I love to continue to improve my ball-striking and shot-making skills. I want to get even better at the strategy – that is, moving correctly, being at the NVZ line as fast and regularly as possible, using the best shot technique, and utilising the right shot, target, and speed.

Most importantly, I truly love the sport, the awesome people/players that make up the local and global community, while spreading our Pickleball FUN Community’s mission of “In Pickleball We C.A.R.E.”