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Pickleball is FUN, SOCIAL, and FRIENDLY! The rules are SIMPLE and the game is EASY to learn but can develop into a competitive game. BOOK NOW and EXPERIENCE one of the fastest-growing sports today.

FUN Development Program

Perhaps the best benefit of all is that pickleball is just plain FUN! No matter what your skill level, age, or fitness goals may be, pickleball is certainly a stress-free enjoyable way to get active and healthy!

School Development Program

We look to develop kids mentally, and physically. A child’s early years are when fine motor skills are developed, and pickleball is amazing for developing problem-solving skills, coordination, speed, strength, agility, and social skills.

Coach Development Program

Our Coaching Certifications have been written and developed to the highest standard. We also offer all our qualified coaches a step-by-step development pathway to further aid them along their own Pickleball FUN Community.


To empower and connect people to live happier and healthier lives through pickleball.


In Pickleball We C.A.R.E.

COMMUNITY We are dedicated to growing and serving the Pickleball Community by providing a social sport that can be played by every member of the family, closing the generation gap. APPEAL Regardless of age, gender, body size and skill level, most players can go out and have awesome fun in minutes. RESULTS Allows you to build self-confidence, get into shape, boost your metabolism, improve cognitive functions, hand-eye coordination, and much more. EXERCISE A moderate low-impact exercise from Pickleball can burn calories, while reducing the stress on your joints, muscles and helping you maintain a healthy weight.

Dedicated to Serving the Pickleball Community

5 locations, 22 indoor Pickleball courts
Affordable and flexible packages
A wide range of Pickleball Services

Junior & Adult Coaching

We offer the perfect blend of world-class Pickleball training, high quality Pickleball education, and character development.
All our coaches have Level 1 and/or Level 2 Coaching Certifications with Pickleball Global
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There are very few sports we’ve encountered where a grandchild, a parent, and a grandparent can all play on the same court and have a meaningful, competitive, belly-laughing FUN time together. Learn more about our Members Community today.
Access to our unique FUN Development Program monthly coaching.
Access to our exclusive introductory FDP Online Community Area
Access to our unmatched Coach Development Program (CDP)
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