Pickleball Services

Development Focused Pickleball Services

FUN Development Program (FDP)

Perhaps the best benefit of all is that pickleball is just plain FUN! No matter what your skill level, your age or fitness goals may be, if you’re looking for a stress-free enjoyable way to get active, pickleball is for you!

School Development Program (SDP)

We look to develop kids mentally, and physically. A child’s early years are when fine motor skills are developed, and pickleball is amazing for developing social, and problem-solving skills, coordination, speed, strength, and agility. 

Coach Development Program (CDP)

Our Coaching Certifications have been written and developed to the highest standard. We also offer all our qualified coaches a step-by-step development pathway to further aid them along their own Pickle FUN Academy in their local area!


Individual, Group & Elite Coaching

While there are many different ways to get people playing, we have found a step-by-step process that minimizes barriers while maximizing fun and enjoyment.

We offer the perfect blend of world-class pickleball training, high quality pickleball education, and character sport with self-development. This includes the very popular FUN SHOTS programs.

Our initial goal is to get all our players up and playing. This requires filtering out non-essential information and, instead, focusing on the coaching points that are necessary for beginners to get started. Please note that the foundation of Pickleball FUN is built on the philosophy of keeping our sessions safe, effective and FUN.
All our coaches have Level 1 and/or Level 2 Coaching Certifications with Pickleball Global
School Development Program

Developing Junior Pickleball Players

Pickleball FUN will help your child develop as they learn about respect, teamwork and fair play. The new techniques they learn will improve other skills.
Learn the basics
Develop a rounded game
Compete in friendly competition
Coach Development Program

A unique done-for-you program

A unique done-for-you like program that will allow you to set up your Pickleball Academy in your local area or more regions. We support you every step of the way to make sure you succeed and have fun doing it.
Up to 8 Locations and growing
Clear CDP Success Pathway & Onging Support
Branding, Marketing, Sales & Business Systems provided

“The workouts with Jay are amazing and he is so encouraging and genuinely care about you and improving your skill level!! If you haven’t worked with Jay, give it a go.”

Cassie C.

“I like this sport because it was very easy to pick up, I was able to hit the ball over the net and be competitive with the other kids and this was really fun.”

Giselle M.

“We always have a different variety of activities and Jay makes it FUN all the time. I always love coming to learn more about Pickleball with an awesome coach.”

Bruno B.