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5 Reasons Why You MUST Try Pickleball With Family and Friends

5 Reasons Why You MUST Try Pickleball With Family and Friends

Are you looking to get the family together or a group of friends together but struggling to find fun activities that would be fun for all members?

Look no further than the wonderful sport of pickleball! This fun sport with a ridiculous name has been taking the country by storm, collecting fans from all walks of life along the way, and is now one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.

Many facilities are even transforming tennis courts into pickleball courts, so look out for indoor local facilities with available courts or even just use the badminton courts.

Here’s a look at 5 top reasons to share pickleball with your family and friends.

1. Pickleball Is One Of The Fastest-Growing Sport

With each year comes larger quantities of announced pickleball players in the country and the world over. Whether it’s at the sporting, competitions, or an association, interest in this game broadly has never been higher. While it’s been around beginning around 1965, its prominence has risen fundamentally somewhat recently! What’s more, with that surge of prominence comes many new courts springing up all over the place. It’s trending, and it’s likely to trend for a whole lot longer.

2. It’s Played Mainly In Doubles – Your Entire Family CAN Appreciate It Simultaneously

Pickleball was established on uniting the family, and it’s an extraordinary game to learn with everybody. An extraordinary method for getting a gathering of family and friends together by playing some doubles! Four individuals are on the court at a time, and you can without much of a stretch add more by pivoting at regular intervals. The pickleball bug catches pretty quickly, so you might be bringing a pretty big group with you to your local pickleball courts in no time. The laughs, memories, and fun experiences are what make this sport so exciting and irresistible!

3. Pickleball Is Incredibly Easy To Pick Up In Minutes And Have Great Fun

Some sports require a lot of time, and patience to learn how to play and develop the techniques, but good news for you – pickleball is not one of them! Ever play table tennis? We like to consider pickleball as a half-and-half between table tennis and tennis. You stand on a court across the net from your rivals, similar to tennis, however, you swing with a lightweight paddle and hit around a plastic ball with holes (wiffle ball) for what typically amounts to slower, lengthier rallies. You will learn some of the nuances of the game with time, but it is a blast for anybody who even picks up a paddle for the first time! Furthermore, simply sit back and relax, we lay everything out in one of our blog posts about How to Play Pickleball.

4. Pickleball Provides Low Impact On Your Body

No doubt, there is often a physical burden whenever you play most competitive sports. But if you were to put all the sports on a spectrum from no risk to severe risk of physical injury, pickleball would fall very close to the no-risk end. We can’t say it’s thoroughly without risk… after all, you can tear an ACL by taking a shower or getting out of your chair. Be that as it may, you don’t need to cover a ton of ground (particularly in doubles), the serve is underhand, and the paddles are very lightweight. This is an integral reason why pickleball is so insanely well-known among retired people. Truly, there aren’t many sports you can play with your grandparents, however, this is unquestionably one of them. Nothing more needs to be said. Pickleball is a recipe for some awesome family fun!

5. Pickleball Can Be Social However Doesn’t Have To Be

We get it – many individuals are feeling the impacts of being cooped up working or being at home. Pickleball presents a potential chance to get out and be social with a little circle of family and friends while playing an exceptionally enjoyable easy game.

That being said, it is very accommodating for anybody who loves to play the sport and wants some competitive fun. Pickleball doesn’t discriminate, and that’s just another reason why so many people are gravitating to this sport at a rapid pace.

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